Commercial Real Estate – Should You Lease Or Own?

The PAL program accepts all forms of free-trading securities, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s, etc. on both U.S. and most foreign stock exchanges. Other types of assets can be funded and are reviewed on an individual basis.

In my 10 years of specializing in coaching Realtor agents in doubling their incomes I have found one amazing answer that does wonders and I’m about to let you in on that secret.

Credit card debt has gotten to the point that it is not like owing the general store and not paying off the bill at the end of the month or when you get your next pay check. This is loan sharking at its worst and some say the rights of individuals were taken away by the changes in the bankruptcy laws made recently due to the efforts of lobbyists from the credit card companies. I think the little guy needs help and that is why I wrote this book. There is a term used often in Real Estate: “Operating from a position of superior knowledge”. One can get sued for taking advantage of another for just this reason. Seems to me, the credit card companies mentioned above along with many others, are operating from a position of superior knowledge.

You can buy a single home and resell it, you can purchase a home or multi-units and rent them, purchase homes and lease option them. These are few of the types of investment you can choose from.

You will find ads in the newspapers, on television, and all over the place for agencies who claim that they can erase your bad credit for a fee. Beware. These are usually scam artists. No one but you can erase bad credit. In time, with a lot of effort, you can pay off your bills and your credit will improve. However, paying your bills is only one way you can improve your credit.

From a factors perspective, working with brokers is usually beneficial. They bring in business that the factor otherwise would have missed and provide real insight into the clients needs.

The third rule here is to develop your brain, especially when it comes to managing your assets. Rather you invest in real estate, stocks, business or any number of diversified ventures, you need to be smart. The goal is to develop a passive income that works for you; it provides for you with minimal effort from you. There is no one way street here. On the contrary, there are as many ways to grow wealth as there is to use it up. Have the willpower to learn, and then learn to use your willpower to grow your wealth. The world is your oyster!

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