How To Be Successful With Regards To Home Improvement

Ah, the corner store. No matter how many restaurants you visit, no matter how many coffee shops you lounge at, no matter how many BYOBs you bring your own bottles to, the corner store will always have its own special kind of charm. In an effort to highlight good food in all its forms, this first entry will focus on a beloved corner store.

If you need your home improvement work completed in a hurry, be prepared to pay for it. You can usually find someone who will happily take on the project. They will eagerly complete the project for a bit more money. Having a rush job done will cost you more.

Put a stop to your squeaky floor by using construction adhesive. Although you’ll need to enter your basement or crawl space to apply it, it will still be worth it to stop the squeaks. Using a caulking gun, run a line of glue down each side of every floor joist so that the glue firmly secures the adjoining subfloor planks to the joists.

Mandi’s Deli, on the corner of Montgomery St. and Thompson St. in Fishtown, serves up the standard sandwich fare and carries the usual PRODUCTS MADE IN USA (cheap potato chips, coffee, ice cream, etc.). They’re hard selling their Arctic Splash pints (50 cents each) and for being such a small establishment they make a mean Hoagie.

The worker’s goal is to get twice the federal minimum wage and to organize unions where there are none. A minimum wage of $15 is not that hurtful to retailers that are raking in record profits.

Is the environment perfect? No, of course not. One area of disappointment is their personal computers – the laptops at their Cary location are hidden in a locked cage behind the main desk. When I asked the supervisor about the missing laptops – one had been on display two months earlier – she cheerfully explained that they did not have the room to display a laptop. Huh?! With plenty of desktop computers on display one would think that some room could be made – I wondered if the real reason was theft. Since my arms already were full of checked out items I did not want to go to a cage to view computers. Cages are for zoo animals while computers, especially if you really want to sell them, ought to be out on full display.

Install windows that have secondary glazing. They cost a bit more, but they dramatically reduce outside noise and energy costs. These windows will save you money over the life of your windows. These windows will keep your home cool and quiet.

The last bit of advice is to have your kitchen the way you like it. You don’t have to put the pots and pans next to the oven if you don’t want to if you like things a certain way. Make the kitchen yours, even down to how you organize your cabinets.

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