Social Media Marketing In An Hour A Day

Tonight’s episode of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” was titled “A Manzo of Her Word.” Last week, Caroline met with Joe Gorga to try to help patch things up with he and his sister, Teresa. Their father is getting a pacemaker, so Teresa helps the girls make cards for their “Nono,” which is Italian for grandpa.

The help you need one actually come from other websites in the form of links from them to your site. That doesn’t matter if it’s a standard static web site, a blog, a web directory, an article directory or a video website or Rachelle Miller Exposed Skin Care also knows as a Vlog. You need back links from every type of site you can imagine, in fact the more you have and the more diversified they are and the more high ranking PR sites you get the better off you’ll be.

Consider offering your store or space in front of your store as a stage for performance by locals in, say a singing, dancing, fashion or other competition. This connects with these types of reality shows, gives locals and outlet and connects this back to your retail store.

Blogging and vlogging on the social network sites are two methods. The blogosphere now has around 100 million blogs online, and it’s growing exponentially.

The spot you choose needs to be well lit with little noise. Your home office is also a good spot if you can’t find anything else that is ideal. Do a warm-up recording of about 30 seconds first and then replay the recording so you can carefully scrutinize it. Take note of certain things such as something in the background that shouldn’t be there, or whether your clothes are less than spotless. By doing a warm-up recording you can prevent long edits later on.

Creating a Vloggers isn’t as straightforward as regular blogging. With an ordinary blog, you just have to be able to type in a regular post. But with vblogging, you’ll need to have access to a good computer that can work with movie programs as well as a camera that can take video as well as snapping shots.

1) Define Yourself – Answer this simple question – what is it that makes my blog different from the thousands of other political blogs out there? What is it about your voice, your perspective, that ads to the political dialog? You might have to really think about this one. If you tend to focus on general topics, look at what you wrote, and find out what post or article generated the most positive response, or in your opinion, reflects your political views. Then expand it, how can you use your unique voice in your blogging and help your blog stand out?

You see all my friends are busy developing their v-logs or video blogs. They’re learning new technology, having fun, and creating something that they feel is worthwhile. You can do the same too.

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