Traumatic Brain Injuries – What Are They?

Traumatic brain injury or TBI is a severe form of head injury. This type of injury shakes human life from the core. When brain tissue gets wounded due to some reason, the victim suffers from TBI. Now, letEUR(TM)s see when someone suffers from such a severe injury.

Atlanta beat Tampa Bay 3-1, and the Lightning might make a good team to pick up guys against for a while, as Mike Smith is out with Apparently he was playing after the concussion and didn’t tell anybody, always a smart move. If you want to impart massive brain damage on yourself, that is. With something like that, he could be done for the season, leaving Mike McKenna in charge of minding the Tampa net. While he has appeared decent in his work thus far, I don’t expect much from him, and if you need a Smith replacement, somebody like Brian Elliott or Pekka Rinne is a much smarter bet. Slava Kozlov scored a goal for the Thrashers. He’s great, if you don’t have to worry about plus/minus.

Fear, it grips us, it makes us consider the worst. Instead of focusing on the positive, it grounds us in negative thought. “I hope I don’t screw up, I hope this doesn’t happen, etc…” Our mind’s eye stays focused on the negative. Conversely, “I hope I’m going to win, and I hope this happens, etc…” focuses the mind on positive results, and the mind then gravitates toward positive not negative scenarios.

Vick stepped in admirably and the Eagles beat the Jaguars 28-3 cementing his spot for yet another week. That meant we wouldn’t get the McNabb versus Kolb (the man who replaced him) showdown we were expecting at the beginning of the season. Now it had turned into two veterans going at it divisional supremacy. Only, things changed very quickly.

Charles Johnson – Charles Johnson was a very good defensive catcher his entire career but he mostly got attention as a good defensive player early in his career. Johnson was the starting catcher early on in the Florida Marlins history and his Gold Glove in 1995 was the fist Major Award ever given to a Florida marlin. Johnson would go on to win three more Gold Glove Awards the next three years.

After posting a career year in 2007 with 27 homeruns and 97 rbi, Greene wilted in 2008 as he notched just 10 homeruns and 35 rbi at a .213 batting average. Now finally out of Petco Park, Greene has plenty of power to launch 30 homeruns during the 2009 season. A career year could be in store for Greene as he should have plenty of RBI opportunities while batting after Albert Pujols.

The Blues have the misfortune of playing in the Central, meaning that third place is probably about the best they can hope for, with Chicago and Detroit both certain to finish ahead of them. After having 92 points two seasons ago and 90 last season, a jump of at least four points this season, with Halak, assuming he wasn’t somewhat of a “one-hit wonder”, seems very doable. Take the over here and expect the Blues to return to the playoffs.

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