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Your music video production will be led by a director. He/she is the one whose job it is to have the final vision of your video. Since you already put your trust in him work with him/her to bring that vision to reality. Don’t flirt around with the extras or even worse make out/have sex when you are supposed to be shooting; it may look cool in movies but you will probably not like the results if you do this on your set.

People are saying that this image is another appearance of Michael Jackson’s ghost on international TV. They’ve claimed the same is true of a shadow moving across the background during a taping of video production company the Larry King Live show at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

I’m in the market to purchase a studio and I can’t believe how affordable commercial real estate is these days. In fact, I’m currently trying to get financing for a property that if successful, will give me $50,000+ in equity the minute I close the deal with the builder and the bank.

This is where you have to take what’s in your head and put it in someone else’s, there are many approaches to music film production studio but the right one is whichever one gets your point across. It’s your idea, your music video, you get it, you’re passionate about it but it’s important that other people, a client for example, understand it. The main methods of approaching a music video treatment is to focus on: video links with relevant notes for areas of focus, a descriptive outline of the video production, a creative collage of images called a Mood Board or all of the above.

With all four of the above mentioned screens available on my desktop, I essentially become a Social media production company. I am able to create split screens and multi-task the information that I am working with in a number of different ways. At the very same time that I may be tweeting some memorable quote, I can also be expanding on the same thought with an insightful – and sometimes provocative – post to my Facebook Group audience. Thinking man’s Social Media at its best.

This year Scera will offer several summer camps for children ages 5-18. The Scera Youth Theater offers classes for ages 5-18 and will cover musical theatre, acting, classical and Shakespearean theater. Classes are a week long and last from 9am-12pm or 9am-3pm. Cost ranges in price from $100-200.

People love videos. That’s the plain and simple truth of it. There’s something great about watching somebody explain something or talk, rather than reading it. If you have the means (and you should – video production can be done for next to nothing… if you’ve got $100 in your marketing budget, it can be done), then post videos like there’s no tomorrow.

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