A Catta Whatta Dog? – The Remarkable Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

For the third straight season and the fourth time in the last five the Lake Region and Windsor high school girls basketball teams will play for the Division III title Saturday at Barre Auditorium.

If you have never been to a winery you’ll find it is the experience of a lifetime. Upon arrival, almost every winery you visit will offer a tour. Most tours will include seeing the orchards where the grapes are grown, seeing how the wine if produced and where the wine is stored in barrels. And, even if the winery doesn’t have public tours, you will almost always get to enjoy test tasting some of their most popular wine varieties.

Northstar at Tahoe is a feature rich snowboarding village on the north side of Lake Tahoe. Throughout the mountain, snowboarders can find their fun. Whether a beginner or an expert, the various runs are thoughtfully laid out to maximize the fun and minimize the carnage. Northstar is also the only park in the Lake Tahoe area to feature The Stash – a Burton Snowboards sponsored park that showcases wood features from rainbow rails made from tree trunks, to totem poles, to a wood cabin that has a roof that can be ridden. These features and a rich nightlife helped Northstar earn a top ten placement in all three major categories (park, pipe, and resort).

The two lake records came within the last decade. The Oklahoma record, 7.80 pounds, was caught by Aaron Fidrich on March 22, 2003. The fish was taken on crank-bait in the mid-Regions online login of Texoma. The Texas record, 7.06 pounds, was caught by Jay Fuller on January 29, 2006. According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife report this smallmouth was caught with a jig in 20 feet of water on the bluff banks outside of Eisenhower Marina.

The Catahoula proved their worth in other valuable ways. Labeled as a “scent” hound, with their extraordinary nose and webbed feet, the Catahoula would easily “wind” and herd lost cattle by “heeling” them out of the alligator filled swamps.

The fourth variety is the scented tea. It is found only in China. Scented tea is created by smoking tea leaves with fragrant flowers. Examples of such fragrant flowers are jasmine and magnolia. Of all scented tea, the jasmine tae, produced in Fujian Province, is most famous. Jasmine tea is also most popular with northern Chinese and foreigners.

The results may be by phone, e-mail or even written statement. If anything pops up that you should learn about, we will tell you right away. As an example; if you are checking someone inside England and California and now we find something in Ca while looking forward to the British Background check, we will inform you.

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