Essential Bangkok Travel Guide On The Cheap: 2 Days In $100

I just read the press release below and it practically brought a tear to my eye. Could the days of the well-researched, well-written, beautifully illustrated travel guidebook be coming to and end?

This city is also called the Imperial Palace Museum. It was constructed during the Ming Dynasty and is known for its building made out of wood. The construction is complex and it has been preserved well. It’s also the biggest all over the world. It has rooms of more than 9,000 and was built on more than 250 acres. To learn stories about the palace, it is advisable to have a travel guide; if this is not possible, there are recorders that you can borrow. The structure of it reflects the Chinese touch in architecture when it comes to palaces.

Speaking of drinks a great source for wine for your lunch in a park is Astor Wine in Greenwich Village. They have a great selection of good wines for only ten dollars. Also, if you like vegetarian this is a great area for cheap falafel. Also, go to 8th street in NYC for good hearty Indian food buffet style. On 74th and Roosevelt Avenue in Queens is another source for great Indian and well great Mexican Chinese and Columbian foods. Be sure to check some of the Chinese and Columbian bakeries. Elmhurst Avenue has the most Chinese bakeries. If you want Indian clothing then Roosevelt Avenue is a great place to shop.

Pick up a siargao things to do for the area. It will give you important tips not only on where to go, but on how to be safe in the area, and what foreign customs to respect. It will also give you great advise on eating & drinking.

While backpacking is always a great option for people traveling on a budget, you cannot always expect things to go your way especially when it comes to spending. Having extra money when outside the country is really ideal. As early as possible raise funds for your gap year. You can get some part-time job and work overtime.

Look for vacation packages or deals. Vacation packages usually offer all your accommodations for discounted prices, including car rentals, hotels, your flight tickets and more. If you have to pay for each one of those separately you’ll be paying more than an arm and a leg, so try to find the packaged deals.

Admittedly, I do always go online find the latest tidbits about what’s happening in my destination and lately my iPhone has come in very handy while on the road, but for me nothing will ever replace a good — yes, old-fashioned — guidebook.

For those who want to purchase a copy, I’d recommend Border’s stores, or Border’s website. The price is around $17.99. You can likely pick up a used copy for less on Amazon though.

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