The Very Basics Of Carp Fishing

If you’re passionate about carp fishing, then selling up in the UK, moving to France and running a commercial carp lake is the dream of many UK carp anglers. But it can be a challenging & frustrating task just to find the right lake. This series of 3 articles aims to give you a list of Do’s & Do Not’s that could save you lots of time and money.

Ask your friends/family for their impressions of your greatest strengths and skills. Ask them to tell you honestly what you think your weakest points are in terms of setting up your own business.

Personally, I don’t think anyone would book a carp Fischen in Ungarn holiday on the back of a 2-inch magazine advert. The best any advertiser in a magazine can do is hope that you look at their website, and there are some cracking ones out there. The trouble is, though, that no business is going to put anything negative on their own website. That would be plain stupid. This is where eBay does actually have an advantage.

Carrying out the following key steps will reveal whether you have a viable idea or not. At best they will give you a solid launch pad for your business, at worst they will reveal an insurmountable hurdle that causes you to seek out alternative ideas. But if there is a major problem, it is better to identify it now than six months down the line when you have already invested time, money and emotional energy into your idea.

What is it that you will personally bring to the business in terms of relevant experience and expertise? In what way are you qualified to run this particular business?

Our family consisting of Dad, Mom, me and my younger sister lived in a bungalow house with a large compound, complete with an annex for kitchen and the Amah’s room. The style of the house was distinctly Victorian, but it also contained some elements of Malay architecture. The fact that Muar River ( quite a large body of water with one bank heavily lined with Mangrove and ‘Nipah’ trees – a type of wild palm) flew close by our house was pivotal in my initiation to angling.

Don’t neglect the usual sources when looking for a fishing holiday, but do include eBay among those sources. That way, you’re opening up a wider range of holiday options to choose from.

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